Excessive routine?


Want to free up a little?

Yes, we understand, sometimes it just happens that some jobs need to be gone from the project pipeline ASAP. Sometimes even months ago.

We've been there already. Some of our clients engage with us to speed up their projects to allow for their architects to work on much more significant things. We understand how important that is.

Ok, so what do we offer?

A First Aid Kit for an Architect?

Actually, we offer you a problem-solving solution.

Here is what included in our Architect's First Aid Kit to boost up your business:

All-in-one package.

We take care of the complete project life cycle. Cradle to grave.

Best quality possible.

If we don't meet your requirements, we work for free.

Coordination at ease.

We use sophisticated online services to simplify our project coordination. Think of it as a remote control.

At every stage of the project.

Drawings to standards.

All drawings we produce meet relevant LGA requirements, Australian Standards and follow BCA guidelines. We make sure of that, or you simply don't pay.


What's a point of hiring someone without it? What we really offer is here. We are skilled in problem-solving. Most of our projects had significant issue that needed to be resolved in order to get development approval.

Fair price.

We use a flat fee structure. No hidden costs. No strings attached. Free trials available.


Click here to view our price list.

But you have seen that already. What makes you think any longer?


We'll give you a worked example (House under 300sqm):

  • Your average DA for a single household is 1 month long, (max 2). (if longer, then there's something wrong)

  • If one person is looking after it, then it's cost to you = 1 x ( salary of the person / 12 ).

  • Typically, this figure is around $3500-$5000 for a fully documented DA. We charge only $1800.

Considering the level of your specialists and their project load, it might work out for you 2 to 6 times cheaper.

Yet, you will have an opportunity to let your staff work on better projects and engage with new clients with peace of mind.

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